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About me

My name is Hamish Gill, I have a wife and two children and live in Worcester in the UK. Over the past decade, I have spent a large percentage of my time making a living out of photography. After having an interest in photography as a child and throughout my teens, I got a job as a retail assistant in a camera shop in my early 20’s. I enjoyed the job a great deal and learned a lot about photography whilst I was there.

I also learned that I wanted to work for myself.

In 2007 I set myself up as a professional commercial and wedding photographer, then in 2008, I joined forces with a local website designer and graphic designer to form the creative agency F8 Creates Ltd, which was officially incorporated in 2009. F8 Creates has grown year on year, now employing a small team as well as providing regular work to a few local subcontractors. We have long attributed our success to a positive attitude toward collaboration.

With collaboration at the core of our business ethics, we decided to form The Kiln, Worcester’s first coworking space, which I run alongside my business partner Greg. 

Outside of my work at F8, 35mmc is one of the things that keeps me the busiest – after launching the first few posts back in 2013, it is now one of the largest film photography-focused websites in the world. This has given me the opportunity to work with brands such as Kodak, Ilford, Leica and Zeiss as well as many smaller companies within the film photography and wider photography industries.

I am also responsible for bringing pixl-latr into the world – a product designed to aid in the process of digitising film photography with a digital camera.

Finally, I am also half of Omnar Lenses – a UK based manufacturer of Leica M-Mount lenses. Working with Chris Andreyo from Skylaney, we brought our first lens to market in late 2021. 

My Work

Co-Director of F8 Creates Ltd
A creative agency based in Worcester, UK.  We Specialise in visual identity

Co-Founder of The Kiln
Creating an enthusiastic, collaborative community supporting creative, craft and tech small businesses and startups in Worcester

Founder and Inventor of pixl-latr
An innovative, low cost and effective solution for digitising black & white or colour negatives and transparencies.

Founder of 35mmc
I write and publish one of the more prominent blogs about film photography – largely about 35mm compact cameras, rangefinders and lenses:

Co-Founder of Omnar Lenses 
Limited Edition M-Mount lenses

More Writing 

 A selection of the content I’ve written for other websites:
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The Ilford Photoblog – ‘The problem of buttons and why I love a film camera…
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Lomography – ‘LomoAmigo Hamish Gill on Shooting with the Jupiter 3+ Lens
Lomography – ‘Wide and Architectural with Hamish Gill and the New Russar+ Lens
Japan Camera Hunter – ‘In your bag no. 587 & 1378
Canny Cameras – ‘Hidden Bargains of the Second-Hand Camera Market – ‘7 Tips for the Reluctant Street Photographer

Contact me:

Hamish Gill

Studio: 01905 675179 (9-5 mon-fri)
Mobile: 07742 639315


The Kiln 
2 Copenhagen Street